Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Photographer


There are lots to consider when looking for ‘the right’ wedding photographer. Choices are endless. Different styles, creative approaches, personalities and price options starting from as little as £300 and going upto thousands!

Where do I start then?

Get your venue booked first. Some of the venues might suggest you photographers that they are working with which can give you initial idea about the cost. However, its not always advisable to only rely on those recommendations. In most of the cases, venues earn commission from referrals and it doesn’t mean that the photographer they recommend will be perfect for you and the style you are looking for. It’s important to do your own homework, go through some portfolios and ask yourself questions.
What do you think and feel when looking at the photographer’s pictures? Are you moved by the moment or emotion captured?

Photography style is important factor to consider. 

What style do you prefer? Traditional, formal or more natural, reportage style? Do you like posing or prefer more relaxed approach?
Reportage style photography are very popular these days for brides and groom interested in more natural story telling way of documenting their big day.Depending when and where your wedding will take place it’s good to go through photographer portfolios and see variety of pictures taken during different lighting conditions. For instance, some photographers relying a lot on flash photography and in many occasions making subject faces looking very white and lifeless, where experienced photographers knows how to balance it and make the most if ambient light available to create more pleasing and natural looking images.

Schedule meeting. 

By meeting your photographer in person, you will learn more about how passionate he or she is about photography. That’s a great opportunity
to get down to the business and brainstorm some ideas on how your day can be captured. You will also find out more about your photographer and see if you both can are great fit for each other. Personality is important as your photographer will shadow you everywhere and the last thing you want is to have someone making you feel uncomfortable.

How about the cost?

Venue, food, dress, rings, flowers, details etc, a lot to pay for. Once your big day is over, the only thing which you left with is your memories and photographs! Wedding photography prices vary depending on the level of experience and time in the business. Professional photographer spends on average between 40-60 hours per wedding. This includes a day of shooting and post production process. Pictures taken straight down from the camera don’t look great and final retouch to individual image is important to achieve desired look.





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