Couple Photography London

I had an incredible time photographing Lucy & Matt from Singapore during their couple photography London. We’ve been so lucky with bright and sunny day which was a perfect for their London photo session. Lucy and Matt were very open for any creative ideas to have their their fun and friendly personalities captured.

We started off our couple photoshoot at magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral, followed by the St. Dunstan In The East, Leadenhall Market, Royal Exchange and finished on the Tower Bridge.

What can I say, those are just incredible places and one of the best London’s spots for a engagement and couple photography. 

Please feel free to get in touch if you are thinking of having a professional couple photoshoot.



My fiancé and I are interested in your engagement photography. We had a look at your photos of your “couple photography London”and they look beautiful. We are getting marriedoin July 16th this year so we are really looking to have engagement photos beginning of June so that it can be ready to show our family on our wedding day, or print into a guest book. Please let me know of your availability and whether the timeframe of producing the photos work for you.

Many thanks


Hi Melody, Thank you for your comment and your kind words! I will email you shortly with the details. Zak

Hello Zak,

I am interested in couple photo in London during the mid of April.
Please let me know about your availability and detail.

Thank you


Hi Atthaphon, thank you for your comment on a pre-wedding photoshoot. I’ve emailed you all the details. Zak

Coming from Singapore on first week of November, would love to find out more about couple photography and rates, thanks!

Hello ! I’m interested in couple photoshoot in London around the begging of January (03/01/2022).. I know it’s short delay but my husband will leave soon and we would like some memories to keep until we meet again. If you could make it you would be amazing ! Thanks



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