About Me

Now you have an idea of my style and how I like to work, let me tell you a bit about the man behind the camera. It is just as important that you feel comfortable with the person who is going to be capturing the biggest moments of your life as well as trusting the work I will provide.
Coffee. I LOVE a good cup of coffee…I may drink too much of it, but we all have our vices and guilty pleasures. So when we meet up to discuss future bookings, you know what I’ll be drinking!
In my spare time music is a huge passion of mine. I was learning to play the guitar when I first started out in photography. As it turned out, my talent and passion drew me towards observing through the lens and capturing that moment I can see creatively and objectively.
I’m a happily married man of over seven years so having the experience of my own wedding and marriage certainly brings an advantage to how I interact on an emotional level with such a diverse range of couples on their wedding day from tears of joy to pure overwhelming excitement.

My Approach

I am based in Berkshire but have worked across a large range of destinations and photographing within new locations really excites me! Whether it be an incredible indoor space or within the breath-taking open-air, I love to get out and work with fresh new environments. It may sound like a cliché, but there really isn’t a better feeling than getting up knowing I can do what I love and achieve the work I believe in. I feel incredibly proud that Epic Moments is purely my own origin and within the next ten years I plan to use my experience and talent to be able to travel to new and exciting destinations and grow as an artist, creatively and productively.

I am recognised and regarded as a genuinely good guy. You won’t find me orchestrating or being bossy and my easy-going attitude and approachable persona has continuously made my couples feel at ease and enjoy the day even more. The fact that every wedding is completely different, makes photographing even more stimulating, which really inspires and motivates me. I find my greatest work have been weddings because I was given the satisfaction knowing that I have captured one of the most beautiful moments of a couple’s life. I want to make sure you get the most amazing experience and images that will bring back incredible memories for years to come! I am also happy to help with schedules and provide advice if needed. Please feel free to get in touch for a chat and we can go from there.

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