It's all about
Focus. Observe. Anticipate. Create.

Hi there, I’m Zak. I’m photographer with a creative and modern photojournalistic approach to wedding photography. Based in Berkshire, I photograph wedding across UK and beyond. I do work in a very simple and natural way to document your day as it unfolds. It’s my goal to capture real, beautiful moments in a very unobtrusive way to tell the story of your amazing day.

Simple, beautiful storytelling.

My approach to wedding photography is very simple – focus, observe, anticipate and create. I love to make timeless, beautiful images and capture the natural atmosphere of your wedding day in a very unobtrusive way. By blending in as much as possible I always look for spontaneous, real moments full of pure emotions and happiness. It’s all about people, places, emotions and relationships.

You won’t see me orchestrating, being bossy or going through the checklists. I will be there to witness, capture and tell the true story of your day through my photography. Of course, when requested I’m happy to do formal group shoots as well. I usually keep them very relaxed and light. Straight after formal shoots I take my couples away for a little walk to take a few beautiful, more fun & creative photos of them enjoying their moment. 

Feel free to ask if you need a  help planning your wedding day schedule as I’m always happy to provide you advice when needed. I want to make sure you get the most amazing experience and images that will bring back beautiful memories for years to come.

Get in touch If my style sounds like a good fit for you and let’s chat.

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