5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before You Make That Booking

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime moment and taking photographs is the best way to immortalise the most special day in your life.

You might be thinking about saving some of your money by handing over the task of taking pictures at your wedding to one of your friends. You may think they’re a ‘good enough’ photographer and this is all that is needed to make a beautiful photo album of your event! Well, that might not be a good idea.

Choosing an amateur photographer or asking a friend to capture your event might make you regret the decision whenever you look back at your wedding album. A bad photographer can spoil your most special day forever.

Although photography seems to be a straightforward task, it requires a lot of effort and experience by the person behind the camera to capture the emotions, moments and details of your big day. So, when it comes to choosing a photographer, you must be extra vigilant.

Now you must be wondering, how would you know you are choosing a wedding photographer that can deliver the quality of work you desire? Sure, their pictures are a good start, but are they reliable? Are they easy to work with?

Here are five top questions that you need answers to before engaging your wedding Photographer.

1. What kind of a person your photographer is, what is their experience and how many functions have they photographed?

Your photographer will spend several hours with you at your function. You must know if their personality matches with that of yours and also if they have the traits of a professional wedding photographer.

You must make sure that your photographer is open-minded, composed and passionate about their profession. They must be welcoming to your suggestions during your wedding.

Inquiring about their experience would help you assess the quality of their photography. The more functions a photographer has covered, the more polished their work is, generally.

2. Does their portfolio impress you and What kind of events have they shot?

The portfolio of a photographer speaks about their unique style and approach. While looking at the portfolio of a photographer, you would know if;

They try to keep their photos natural, in the moment and candid.
Their expertise is in both indoor and outdoor environments.
They are an expert in image editing and know how to bring life to your photos by working with colour and focus the attention to the subject with monochrome images.

They keep an excellent, natural, beautiful and symmetrical background to bring life to your photos but not too much to shift your focus from the subject to the background.

Also, you should also make sure that your photographer has shot events like the one you are going to have, e.g. in a chapel or open-air. This would tell you what to expect from your wedding shoot, and ensure you don’t have any unpleasant surprises when you get your photo album back.

3. Does their pricing suit your pocket and if the travel cost is included in your package?

While planning your wedding, you have to make sure everything remains within your budget. Similarly, you would also need an expert photographer at a reasonable cost.

Currently, the average cost of a professional wedding photographer in England varies from £800 to £2,000. So, it is essential for you to see if your budget can extend to afford the services of the photographer that you are trying to hire. Compromises may have to be made as the photographers with exceptional portfolio’s don’t offer their services for cheap.

Moreover, you must also ask your photographer about the cost bearing if they have to travel further afield.

4. Will you be able to view your pictures online, how many images will you receive, will there be any printed pictures and how long will it take to receive them?

You must ask your photographer if your pictures will be available for you to view online or if you’ll have them on a USB?. You must decide beforehand, how many pictures you want your photographer to capture. It is always worth discussing this with your photographer as they should ideally have several options for you.

Here at Epic Moments we have different packages to suit your needs. We host your photos securely for an entire year, giving you plenty of time to download, print and share them with your loved ones.

You should also inquire if your photographer is offering any printed pictures and what sizes they would be.

You start waiting for your album right after your wedding day is over. So you must ask your photographer how long would you need to hold-up before your pictures would arrive.

5. What happens if your camera, memory card or equipment fail?

Your wedding is a day that would come only once in your life and the only way to relive that moment is through the captured pictures. What if due to some reason the camera or the memory card of your photographer fails? This would lead to the loss of all the images captured by him. Would you wish to let that happen?

So before booking, you must ask your photographer if they carry any backup equipment to avoid such a mishap.

Epic Moments strives to provide you with the best experience of wedding photography in a friendly and comfortable environment. Take one good look at our portfolio; you would be impressed by the details in the photographs and the insight it took to capture the moments and emotions in them. We give you expert level wedding shoot at an affordable price (see pricing).

We specialise in a variety of indoor and outdoor events. Our experience, over the years, has taught us how to handle complicated backgrounds and tricky lighting situations, utilising both natural and artificial lighting to the fullest.

Our work is also known for aesthetically pleasing symmetrical environments and use of leading lines to make our subjects the centre of attention in a given frame.

Also, we immensely care about the emotions of our clients attached to the events we photograph. Our gear selection for coverage of these events considers this, so no compromises are made, and only the latest and the best of equipment is used. All our cameras are equipped with dual SD card slots for redundancy.

We also carry a professional grade, backup camera body in case our primary camera malfunctions for any reason. The different photography accessories and lighting equipment are also of the highest quality too.

Let’s capture your day in a beautiful memory you can cherish forever!



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