10 Of The Best Venues For Beautiful Wedding Photography In Berkshire & Beyond

If you're looking for great venues for your wedding, be it in Berkshire or surrounding areas. We've put together this helpful list to help you choose the right venue for your needs

Are you looking for the ideal wedding venue in Berkshire? First of all, congratulations are in order. We know how much of a task it is to plan your wedding. From wedding invites to dresses, finding favours, choosing bridesmaids dresses, the list of tasks is never-ending.

However, finding the perfect wedding venue can be even more of a challenge. Do they fit my style? Are they available? what is the price? The list goes on and on.

Well, don’t let your bubble of happiness burst just yet. We’re here to help you find the best wedding venues in Berkshire and surrounding counties to help make this part of your wedding planning that little bit easier.

Without further ado, here are the 10 best wedding venues in Berkshire & beyond. Based on looks, facilities, style, decor, service and overall how great they are at helping to make your wedding day extra special.

Pitt Hall Barn:

The Pit Hall Barn in Ramsdell, Basingstoke has everything that you could dream of for a countryside wedding. Barn weddings are always in trend, and they can never go out of style. If you are one of those who doesn’t want to cut themselves off the mainland but still prefers a rather idyllic barn, this venue is for you. It doesn’t matter if you want an intimate affair or a larger wedding, the barn has the capacity to help you with both. You can dance under the stars or eat in the garden, and just leave the stressful world behind on your big day.

What more do you want?

Highfield Park:  

Highfield Park in Heckfield, Hampshire is truly a versatile value in the truest sense. Some people want an indoor intimate ceremony, while others want outdoor fun. Some want to have a royal indoor reception, while others just want to dance under the sun. This venue is the perfect representation of the philosophy that every person is different and so are their weddings. If you are one of those couples who let their imagination run wild, and hop around the venue deciding which area to select for what, welcome to Highfield Park!

Ufton Court:

Ufton Court in Reading, Berkshire has made enough of a buzz these past few years. If you want a fantastic looking venue for your wedding, this place is for you. All those couples who want their guests to go gaga over the venue arrangements, Ufton Court is your best bet. In a stunning countryside representing history in a glorious sense, it is a Tudor manor house secluded from the world outside with oak trees lining by. Great landscape shots, beautiful surroundings and a warm and inviting atmosphere…perfect.

Wasing Park:

The next in our list is Wasing Park, which is in Aldermaston, Berkshire. Before we venture into any details, let us tell you this is an award winning wedding venue and you can clearly see why. If fairytale weddings were to come true in real life, this venue where these fairytales would come true. The secluded place is surrounded by sweeping greenery and has elegant & sophisticated historic buildings to host your indoor event. It has exquisite boutique guest rooms, which means that you can have a little countryside picnic fun with your guests before or after the main event too.

Award-winning, idyllic and full of inspiration.

Elcot Park:

Elcot Park is a stylish 18th Century Georgian manor house in Newbury, Berkshire. We are already telling you the best part about it. Its restaurant offers the most delicious food you will have ever eaten, it’s no wonder they’re award-winning too. It is a countryside hotel and is best suited for extravagant wedding dinners. Those of who you want to share their vows under the winter snow should look no further and pay a visit to this venue as the first thing in their wedding planning agenda.

Compleat Angler Hotel:

Compleat Angler Hotel in the serene area of Marlow, Buckinghamshire is perfect for all those who want to have a flowing river and nature as the backdrop for their wedding. It is best suited for an intimate event, even though the venue has the capacity to host larger numbers. The beautiful Marlow backdrop and the riverbank make it a perfect place to take pictures and an idyllic place to laze around before or after the wedding. Once you see it, you will feel like your bedside postcard picture has come to life.

Great Fosters:

Great Fosters is in Egham, Surrey and is perfect for all those who have imagined and daydreamed their wedding as a modern-day luxurious affair. The landscaped gardens are best for your couple’s photo’s or outdoor ceremony and the accommodation is absolutely worth every penny. There are historical suites as well if you want to feel like a royal while marrying the love of your life.

Wotton house:

The next in our list is Wotton House and it is located in the surrealist setting of Dorking, Surrey. This 17th-century house is now a mix of old-world charm and 21st-century architecture. It is definitely a serene getaway you need from the hustle and bustle of daily life. If you really want to have fun with your friends & family while getting married, this is the venue for you. We recommend you book the grand rooms and stay a bit longer, so all of your wedding attendees can have a bit of retreat as well.

The Great Barn:

The Great Barn in Banbury, Oxfordshire is as great as its name suggests. With three lakes, rich woodland area and 250 acres of tranquil settings and an 18th-century barn too. Have fun picnicking around while getting married or just soaking up the atmosphere with your beautiful surroundings. We assure you, every one of your wedding guests, including you and your better half, will leave the place relaxed and happier than ever.

Killington Park:

As cliché as it might sound, the last on our list is definitely not the least among the other nine. Killington Park in Kirtlington, Oxfordshire is a breathtaking mansion and a parkland. One look at it and you will forget any other venue you checked out for your wedding. We swear it is that beautiful. We will let you browse about it because its beauty and importance of your wedding are self-explanatory.

So, here was our ultimate list of the best venues in Berkshire & beyond. Now stop freaking out and go and book a viewing with each of them now. We are sure your dream venue is in one of these and we want to say congratulations and happy venue hunting.



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